Tank 3 Stage Extra Pure Filter - 3 Months Pack

Tank 3 Stage Extra Pure Filter - 3 Months Pack

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Key Features ONLY Anti-Rust plastic base in Egypt! Micro Shield TechnologyEasy to Install & HanWater capacity: Up to 500 liters Per DayThe secret of t...

Key Features 

  • ONLY Anti-Rust plastic base in Egypt! 
  • Micro Shield Technology
  • Easy to Install & Han
  • Water capacity: Up to 500 liters Per Day

  • The secret of top quality TANK Filters lie in the high end and top quality TANK Cartridges that is made only out of the purest and highest grade material, which ensure you trusted filtration cycles that you can rely on. Off The Shelf Water Filtration Solution TANK Extra Pure is a reliable water filtration unit that ensures clean pure water as easy as 1.2.3.

    The three complete steps of Micro Shield filtration Technology ensure fresh clean water filtered from:

    • Sand
    • Silt
    • Rust
    • Small impurities
    • Chlorine
    • Gases    



    • 1st stage (PP): The only PP cartridge approved from NSF. The High density cellulose fibers (5) micron cartridge removes rust, slit,  impurities, insects, dust and sand

    • 2nd Stage (GAC): The highest grades of  Coconut Carbon block which absorb color, odor, chlorine, taste and organic materials 

    • 3rd Stage (CTO): ensures the optimum water purification from color, odor, chlorine, taste and organic materials.

    Anti-Rust Plastic Base: ensuring hygiene and easy cleaning.

    Plug and Play Filter: No need for professional installation. TANK Extra Pure come with a faucet adapter for self-installation and easy switching between tap water and TANK Filtered Water.

    New & Exclusive: easy all plastic durable hangers for easy hanging & convenience. 

    Safety First: All plastic Food Grade and FDA Approved material makes it safe and easy to clean.

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